Fatty liver and Chronic Viral Hepatitis B&C

Fatty liver is more commonly seen in patients with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection as compared to hepatitis B (HBV) and the general population. This association between chronic viral hepatitis and fatty liver is much greater than by chance alone. The estimated prevalence varies from 40-80% in various studies for Hepatitis C and around 20-40 % for Hepatitis B. Fatty liver in patients with chronic hepatitis C can be either metabolic steatosis associated with host metabolic factors such as high body mass index (BMI), obesity, dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome and diabetes mellitus or viral steatosis due to direct cytopathic effects of the virus. As compared to hepatitis C in Hepatitis B it is predominantly the metabolic steatosis, which plays a role in fat accumulation in the liver. The importance of fatty liver lies in the fact that it has been correlated with the progression of liver disease and decreased response to treatment in both chronic viral hepatitis C and B. The addition of an adjuvant therapy, for improving fatty liver may offer an inexpensive, clinically effective, and tolerable method of improving virological response rate and reducing morbidity and mortality in chronic viral hepatitis

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